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     Dongguan JiaJi Technology Co., Ltd. is the production of plastic products plastic balls, Hollow plastic balll,dissolvable frac ball,airsoft BB  of professional manufacturers, professional production of various specifications, all kinds of material plastic balls, plastic balls, BB shells,The company has imported a complete set of plastic balls, BB bomb production and testing equipment, the company has a sound production management system to ensure product quality and maintain the leading position in the industry, the company Own-brand "Dragon Ball" BB shells have been exported to many countries and regions, well received by many domestic and foreign CS enthusiasts respected and praise the company of "quality first, integrity first, mutual Mutual benefit and common development "principle, welcome customers to visit to discuss cooperation!

  • airsoft bbs airsoft bbs

    1600500240287891.jpg  1600500346639596.jpg  1600500533587713.jpg  1600500566885749.jpg  1600500605671746.jpg                                      plastic ball                 pmma plastic ball           pom plastic ball              pa plastic ball                 pp plastic ball

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      peek plastic ball             ptfe plastic ball             Hollw plastic ball            plastic frac ball            dissolvable frac ball

  • Plastic ball, hollow plastic ball Plastic ball, hollow plastic ball

    Plastic balls are collectively referred to as plastic floating balls, plastic hollow balls, and plastic solid balls. Plastic balls are now widely used in the market. Plastic balls have the characteristics of lower density than metal balls. Plastic balls of different plastic materials have different densities. Between 0.83 g/cm³-2.2g/cm³, corresponding plastic materials can be used to produce plastic balls according to different needs. Plastic floating balls include plastic hollow balls and plastic foam balls. The manufacturing process of plastic hollow balls is mainly divided into For the blow molding process and the welding process, the plastic hollow balls produced by the plastic welding process have the characteristics of high precision, good compressive strength, and multiple material choices. The plastic foam balls are basically not stable because of the unstable density and low yield rate. Being eliminated, there is also a biodegradable plastic ball among the plastic balls. The biodegradable plastic ball is mainly used in the field of oil extraction and used as a sealing ball in the underground oil production operation. This kind of plastic ball is called soluble fracturing. Plastic balls, after the fracturing operation is completed, the fracturing plastic balls can be degraded downhole by themselves and do not need to be drained back to the well, which improves oil production efficiency and reduces the cost of oil production operations. PA plastic balls are mainly used in the automotive field. Because PA plastic balls have the characteristics of oil resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength and good toughness, smooth surface and long service life. PP balls are mainly used in the fields of food and medicine. PP plastics are environmentally safe and safe. Therefore, they are widely used in the field of medical equipment and food processing. POM plastic balls have high hardness, smooth surface and good self-lubricating properties. They are more used in slide rails. Category products above.

  • Plastic ball types and various types of plastic ball simple process: Plastic ball types and various types of plastic ball simple process:

    Plastic ball types and various types of plastic ball simple process:

    Plastic Balls, Plastic Hollow Balls, Plastic Hole Balls, Plastic Jump Balls, Plastic Yo-Yo Balls, Plastic Foam Balls Balls, Plastic Level Balls, Plastic Fracturing Balls, Plastic Microspheres, Plastic Alloy Balls, Plastic Billiard Balls, Plastic Crystal Balls,  Plastic Night Balls, Plastic Laundry  Balls, plastic chemical balls, plastic plating balls, plastic paint balls, plastic fire balls, plastic BB balls, plastic slide balls, etc.

    There are the following processes for producing plastic balls:

    1. Plastic injection molding ball process production: The plastic ball mold is first processed into a plastic hair ball with an injection molding machine, and then the plastic ball is ground through a plastic grinding ball machine, mainly to remove the plastic batch ball batch wind and the mold clamping line. And processed into a certain accuracy, so that the plastic ball into a plastic precision ball.

    2. Plastic foam ball process production: The plastic raw materials and plastic foaming agent are mixed in a certain proportion, and then put into a special plastic foam injection molding machine for injection molding, foaming agent and plastic raw materials in the plastic foam injection molding machine heating up Simultaneously, a chemical foaming reaction is generated between each other, and then the foamed plastic raw material is injected into the plastic ball mold through a certain pressure and speed. After the melted plastic material enters the mold, it is solidified into a plastic ball and the mold is opened. Good plastic foam ball.

    3. Production of Plastic PVC Ball Glue Glue: Glue gluing machine is generally used for doll toy equipment. It is less used to produce plastic balls and plastic hollow balls. The first material used for plastic PVC ball is powder, and it is mixed with a certain proportion. The plasticizer puts the paste-like plastic liquid into the plastic PVC ball mold, then puts the plastic PVC mold into the silicone oven and can rotate on the 360-degree rotation bracket, and then makes the liquid by continuously heating. The plastic solution is solidified on the inner wall of the plastic PVC mold. After all the plastic liquid is completely solidified, the silicone oven is opened, the mold is taken out and put into water to cool. After the cooling is completed, the mold is opened to take out the plastic ball, which is the finished plastic PVC ball.

    4.Plastic ball casting process production: The material used for this type of plastic ball is phenolic resin or unsaturated resin, and it is mixed with solidified liquid. The curing liquid is the function similar to glue. After the resin is mixed with the curing liquid, The liquid is poured into the plastic ball mold, waiting for the liquid to solidify in the mold to complete curing. This kind of plastic ball process is relatively simple, but it has a certain influence on the environment and has a large irritating odor, so such a plastic ball factory needs Apply for a special production license.

    5. Plastic super ball rotomolding production process: plastic super ball can not be produced with conventional injection molding and blow molding process, because the product is too large, and the demand is not large, it is difficult to have a specific production equipment to match, so the use of rotomolding Process production, simply put, the plastic super ball mold has a 360-degree rolling and heating function, the first production of raw materials is plastic powder instead of granular plastic materials, put a certain weight of plastic powder in plastic super ball mold, and then The heating makes the mold rotate 360 degrees. As the temperature of the mold increases, the plastic powder in the mold begins to melt. Because the mold is heated, the plastic powder that is first melted is close to the inner wall of the plastic mold. When the plastic powder is located When melted and adhered to the inner wall of the mold, the plastic large ball is basically formed. After the mold is slowly cooled, the plastic ball is removed, and the plastic super ball is also produced.

    6. Blow molding process to produce plastic hollow balls: Small plastic hollow balls are basically produced by a plastic blow molding machine. The quantitative plastic material is melted and put into a plastic hollow ball horizontal tool. Then a plastic needle is inserted through a needle. Pressurized inflation is carried out. When the plastic material is fully inflated to fill the entire mold, the needle tube is withdrawn and the plastic hollow ball is cooled in the mold for 10 seconds. Then the mold is opened and the plastic hollow ball is also produced.

  • Hollow plastic ball Hollow plastic ball

    The manufacturing process of hollow plastic balls is much more complicated than that of solid plastic balls. The manufacturing methods of hollow plastic balls are as follows:

    1. Ordinary plastic hollow spheres are manufactured by blow molding process. The plastic hollow spheres produced by blow molding process are generally aimed at plastic hollow spheres with low quality requirements, and plastic hollow sphere products without special requirements for appearance and strength. Plastic hollow spheres have strong material selectivity. Only PP and PE materials can be used to produce plastic hollow spheres, and the thickness of plastic hollow spheres cannot be precisely controlled, and there is a phenomenon of uneven wall thickness of plastic hollow spheres. Blow-molded plastic hollow spheres are often used in fillers or plating solutions for covering applications.

    2. Plastic hollow spheres are manufactured by bonding technology: to make two plastic hollow hemispheres, the joints of the plastic hollow hemispheres should be buckled accordingly. First, apply glue to the buckles of the two plastic hemispheres, and then Buckle the two plastic hemispheres together and place them until the glue has solidified. The finished plastic hollow plastic ball is the finished plastic hollow plastic ball. The plastic ball produced by the gluing process is not strong, sensitive to temperature and easy to crack under high and low temperature conditions, so Practicality is not very strong.

    3. Manufacturing of plastic hollow sphere welding process: firstly, two plastic hemispheres must be manufactured. The difference from the plastic hemisphere used for gluing is that there is no need to buckle. First, the two hemispheres must be put into a set of welding molds. The joints will be thinner. Put the assembled molds in a special furnace for heating. When the plastics at the joints are melted and fused together, take the molds out to cool, and take out the hollow plastic balls to be semi-finished plastic hollow balls. After passing the semi-finished plastic hollow ball through a dedicated hollow plastic ball grinding machine, the seam of the processed precision hollow plastic ball is integrated with the rest of the plastic ball. There is no difference in strength, the wall thickness is the same, and the appearance is beautiful. It is also the best manufacturing method for precision plastic hollow balls.

    4. Ultrasonic welding process of plastic hollow ball: ultrasonic welding plastic hollow ball also uses two plastic hemispheres for ultrasonic welding, but the plastic hollow ball of ultrasonic welding needs to make the corresponding buckle of the two hemispheres in succession. During ultrasonic welding Two semicircular hollow plastic spheres should be buckled together first, and then placed under the ultrasonic machine for ultrasonic welding. The plastic hollow spheres for ultrasonic welding have very little material selection and can only be welded with hard plastics, and the welding strength is not high. , Ultrasonic welding technology is suitable for plastic hollow spheres that require strength.

  • Physical properties of PE plastic ball Physical properties of PE plastic ball

       Polyethylene plastic balls are thermoplastic resin balls with high fatigue resistance, chemical resistance and impact resistance. They have low density and can float on water. The price makes them, but the hardness is small and the impact resistance is not as good as nylon plastic balls.

    1. PE plastic ball has excellent wear resistance and tensile strength, crack resistance and corrosion resistance.

    2. The friction coefficient of the polyethylene plastic ball is very high, and the durability and low wear resistance play a very important role.

    3. PE plastic ball is resistant to chemical substances and oil resistance is not as good as PA plastic ball.

    4. PE plastic ball can play a role even at high temperature and low temperature, and has excellent chemical resistance and insulation.

    5. PE plastic ball has excellent water resistance and does not absorb water.

    6. PE plastic balls have excellent electrical properties, especially low dielectric loss and good electrical insulation, as well as good electrical insulation and oil resistance.

    7. PE plastic balls are sensitive to ultraviolet rays.

    8. PE plastic ball is cheap, easy to mold and has many uses.

  • PP plastic ball physical properties PP plastic ball physical properties

       PP plastic ball belongs to engineering plastic plastic ball, the strength and hardness are not as high as POM, but in terms of environmental protection, it is better than other materials.

    1. The specific gravity of the plastic ball: 0.8~0.92. Strong to acid and alkali.

    3. PP plastic has excellent resistance to water, steam and gas. There is no problem even in direct contact with food.

    4. PP plastic ball has excellent tensile strength, compressive strength and impact strength, and has a hard surface and is resistant to friction.

    5. PP plastic ball has good luster and can be colored with bright colors.

    6. PP plastic ball has excellent heat resistance and 120°C heat resistance temperature. Among thermoplastics, it is relatively expensive.

    7. The softening temperature of polypropylene is significantly higher than that of high-density polyethylene.

    8. PP plastic ball has poor heat resistance and poor weather resistance.

    9. PP plastic has little effect at low temperature.

    10. Large thermal expansion rate.

    11. When burning, it smells of oil.

    12. PP plastic ball can not be exposed to sunlight and heat for a long time, it will gradually deteriorate.

  • airsoft bbs airsoft bbs

    Ultra-sphericity: a high-precision machining with steel bearing manufacturing method is adopted, and to achieve a diameter 5.95mm (within error plus or minus 10 microns), individual differences of the bullet also greatly reduced.

    Straightness UP: with special materials and unique manufacturing process, improve the specific gravity balance of BB bullet. We are pursuing the accuracy and stability of aim points to the limit.

    Precision shooting competitions to perfect: widely supported if until precision shooting from the survival game. Among 0.28BB pursue distance and straightness of airsoft gun as a precision shooting only. If hop-up equipped model, and has the aim performance even in the absence of downwind 50 meters depending on the skill.

  • airsoft bb materials commonly used material statistics airsoft bb materials commonly used material statistics

    Plastic airsoft bb special filling barium sulfate powder

    Barium sulphate has high specific gravity, chemical stability, and is insoluble in water. Therefore, many manufacturers have long been used as airsoft bbmaterials. Generally, barium sulfate is used to increase airsoft bb. Strontium sulphate is an ore powder, which has no pollution to the environment and the price is low. By filling the airsoft bb, in addition to increasing the weight, the surface finish of the airsoft bb is also sufficiently improved.

    Plastic airsoft bb special calcium carbonate

    Calcium carbonate is the most commonly used filler in the plastics industry. It is inexpensive and can improve the physical properties of plastics. Therefore, its use is very extensive. Calcium carbonate is mainly added to increase the weight and surface finish because calcium carbonate is very fine and plastic is added. The voids in the plastic can be fully filled in the airsoft bb, so that the airsoft bb produced is exceptionally smooth, so the good airsoft bb is filled with calcium carbonate.

    Biodegradable airsoft bb material PLA (polylactic acid)

    PLA (polylactic acid) as a naturally degradable plastic is widely used in the plastics industry. As a consumable, airsoft bb is also a disposable product. It cannot be recycled and reused. If airsoft bb cannot be degraded, leaving it in the soil will cause With large environmental pollution, the time for complete degradation may be several decades. However, the time for natural degradation of airsoft bb produced by PLA (polylactic acid) can be shortened to several months. Therefore, PLA is widely promoted abroad. Lactate) BB, PLA (polylactic acid) generates water and carbon dioxide after degradation, and there will be no residual pollutants. With the environmental protection consciousness and policies and regulations, PLA will become more and more popular.

    It is also a biodegradable material that uses PLA as its main component airsoft bb.

    PP (polypropylene) PE (polyethylene) airsoft bb

    The most significant advantages of PP and PE are the low price and easy control of the production process. The production of BB by adding calcium carbonate or barium sulphate has a cost advantage in terms of price, but the disadvantage of this airsoft bb is that the hardness is not enough, and the surface finish is slightly In some cases, only 

    PP (polypropylene) PE (polyethylene) airsoft bb products produced by large-scale airsoft bbfactories are of higher quality. The basic reason is that the production facilities of the small factories are simple, which simplifies many production processes and results in inferior quality of airsoft bb produced by small factories. Can not meet the requirements of high-end customers.

  • airsoft bb grinding machine airsoft bb grinding machine

    airsoft bb grinding machine working principle analysis

    There are three types of machines for BB shell grinding: airsoft bb coarse grinding machine, airsoft bb grinding ball machine, airsoft bb grinding machine

    1.airsoft bb coarse grinding machine is a simple machine to remove batch wind and burrs of airsoft bb blanks, in order to ensure that the airsoft bb grinding ball machine will not be burred by the airsoft bb blank ball into the grinding wheel of the grinding ball machine, if it enters the burrs in the grinding wheel. The airsoft bb will be squeezed, and then the grinding wheel grinding wheel will wear the blank into an ellipse, resulting in uneven airsoft bb blank surface, which affects the accuracy of the airsoft bb and the subsequent polishing effect.

    2.airsoft bb grinding ball machine grinds the airsoft bb that has gone through a burr to a diameter of about 6mm, but the accuracy does not reach the accuracy required by airsoft bb. The accuracy required by BB is 5.95mm plus or minus 0.01, and the airsoft bb ball grinding machine grinds the ball. The ball machine accessories have high precision requirements. The upper grinding plate must be machined into a triangular groove with a depth of 6.5mm deep using precision lathes. The tolerance cannot exceed 2mm. The grinding wheel of the lower grinding plate must be machined with a special grinding wheel machine to produce grooves. Accuracy also requires a tolerance of about 2mm,

    3.airsoft bb grinding machine is the final precision machining of the airsoft bb after the grinding machine, the grinding machine on the grinding board is a good grinding board and then plated alloy, this grinding disc is high precision, and wear-resistant, under The same metal plate of the grinding plate is electroplated. The BB refiner requires workers to constantly adjust the machine and check the size. The airsoft bb grinding machine is equally important as the worker's technology.

  • airsoft bb Reasons for the generation of air holes airsoft bb Reasons for the generation of air holes

    airsoft bb Reasons for the generation of air holes

     Since airsoft bb is an opaque plastic BB ball, there is no air hole in the middle, and it cannot be seen in appearance. However, the airsoft bb with a stomata in the middle has a great influence on the accuracy of shooting. Now the detection of the air hole in the airsoft bb is based on sampling. airsoft bb cut from the middle of the pliers, you can clearly see there are no pores, and the location of the pores, pore formation for the following reasons:

    1.airsoft bb mould reason: Due to the unreasonable design of the mold runner, when the airsoft bb blank billet is molded, the air in the cavity is too late to be discharged outside the mold, and this part of the air hole will be trapped in the airsoft bb blank shell to form the air hole.

    2. Reasons for airsoft bb material: In the production process o fairsoft bb, the BB granulator is a strip-brick water-cooling method to make airsoft bb material. If it stays in the water for too long, airsoft bb material will absorb too much water in the airsoft bb injection molding. During molding, this part of water will turn into water vapor and cannot be discharged to the outside of the mold. This part of the water vapor will remain in the blank of the airsoft bb blank to form pores.

    3.BB forming speed reasons: airsoft bb injection molding, if the firing speed is too fast, the cavity within the climate too late to die out of the mold, the formation of trapped gas, this part of the climate will remain in the BB blank bomb inside the formation of air holes.

    4. Reasons for high injection molding temperature: When the airsoft bb is injected, the temperature of the injection molding machine is set too high, causing the BB raw material to flow too high. When the injection molding, the natural firing rate will be very fast. When the airsoft bb plastic material is as fast as water Inflow mold, naturally there will be a part of the climate outside the mold, the formation of air holes, and airsoft bb material flows into the mold, the surface cooling, but the airsoft bb rough ball is still softened in the middle, the existing climate can not be evenly dispersed throughout the airsoft bbblank bomb , can only exist in a position in the middle of the airsoft bb blank bomb, forming a blowhole.

  • Plastic PP ball material properties and application market: Plastic PP ball material properties and application market:

    Plastic PP ball material properties and application market:

    Plastic PP ball is also called plastic polypropylene ball. PP material has the characteristics of light weight, environmental protection and safety, and low price. Therefore PP plastic is widely used. Plastic PP ball is the only plastic ball in plastic ball that can float on water, PP plastic. Balls are used in many fields such as food and drug machinery. They are mainly environmental protection and safety. In some water supply pipeline valves, plastic PP balls are basically used, and in some machinery and equipment are used to display the liquid level of liquid PP balls. As a plastic liquid level ball, it is generally used to make plastic PP balls into red plastic balls, which can clearly see the liquid level.

    Plastic PP ball production process:

    Plastic PP ball production is first to make a plastic ball mold, the size of the mold size, depends on the plastic PP ball size, that is, the diameter size, plus the actual shrinkage of the plastic ball in the standard size, plus the post-processing The processing allowance is generally 0.20mm larger than the blank ball size of the plastic PP ball produced by injection molding. The processed plastic blank ball must undergo manual priming and have a surface with a gas flow pattern. , grain pattern, shrinkage, variegated bad products are selected, and then go to the next process for grinding, the machine used for grinding is a special plastic ball grinding machine, first with a plastic ball grinding machine for grinding, then plastic ball Grinding machine grinding, after grinding out of the plastic ball precision can reach positive and negative 0.01mm, polished plastic ball after polishing is the finished plastic PP ball.

  • Plastic POM ball material characteristics and application areas: Plastic POM ball material characteristics and application areas:

    Plastic POM ball material characteristics and application areas:

    Plastic POM ball is also called plastic POM ball. Plastic POM ball has high hardness, smooth surface, good self-lubrication, good wear resistance, good mechanical performance, close strength to aluminum alloy, plastic POM ball is most widely used in furniture industry. ,Used as a plastic slide ball, no noise, no rust, the service life is longer than the steel ball, another use of plastic POM ball is used in the valve pipe, etc., for sealing purposes.

    Plastic POM ball production process: plating ball is mainly used in jewelry industry, plastic plating ball points plastic hole ball and plastic solid ball, requires the material is ABS high gloss plastic POM ball plastic ball mold and other plastic ball mold different, plastic POM Ball injection molding process, POM plastic will release acid gas, corrosion of plastic ball mold steel, so the production of plastic mold POM ball mold steel to be resistant to acid gas corrosion, plastic POM ball injection molding temperature can not be higher than 200 Degree, if it is higher than this temperature, plastic POM will produce a very strong pungent odor, so that people can not work in such an environment, the shrinkage rate of plastic POM ball is also high in other materials, so the production of mold Compared with other materials, the plastic ball mold cavity size should be large, that is, plastic POM ball is to use a special mold to produce, other plastic ball mold to produce plastic POM ball will reduce the life of the plastic ball mold.

    Plastic POM balls have a longer grinding time than other plastic balls. Because plastic POM balls have high hardness and wear-resistance, plastic POM balls have a part of plastic shrink balls when they are injected. This part of plastic shrink balls needs to be manually selected because This part of the plastic shrink ball mixed into the product after processing, and then rely on artificial selection to come out, it is almost impossible to achieve, so the plastic POM ball in the injection molding plastic POM blank ball must be selected on this part of the plastic ball, so that There will be no problem with plastic balls caused by shrinkage of plastic POM balls. bubble. The ball is mainly used in plastic

  • Degradable plastic ball production process: Degradable plastic ball production process:

    Degradable plastic ball production process:

    Degradable plastic pellets are mainly used in the cosmetics industry, but the traditional plastic pellets will cause great pollution to the environment. At present, it has been forbidden to use in foreign countries, instead of the traditional plastic pellets material plastic degradable pellets.

    The degradable plastic pellet production method is to pull the PLA plastic into a 0.05mm diameter wire using a plastic wire drawing machine. After the wire is cooled, the wire is cut and processed into 0.05mm long pellets, and then the plastic pellets. After polishing, the degraded plastic pellets after polishing are degradable plastic micro-beads. They are used in the cosmetics industry, and are environmentally safe. They have been certified by the US Food and Drug Administration as qualified and safe plastic microspheres. Currently, foreign giant cosmetics giants It has begun to switch traditional plastic microspheres into degradable plastic pellets. It is believed that degradable plastic pellets will be increasingly used in the cosmetics industry.

  • A brief introduction to airsoft bb A brief introduction to airsoft bb

       Airsoft bb is a plastic ball used for the firing of pneumatic toy guns and electric toy guns. The most commonly used specification is 5.95mm. The material is steel balls are plated with copper or galvanized. Airsoft bb is usually a copper or galvanized steel ball. The material used for the plastic materials Airsoft bb and Airsoft bb is different from that of the shooting gun. The firing accuracy is also very different. The plastic Airsoft bb will be faster due to the lighter initial velocity, but it will be easily deflected by the air resistance. The initial velocity of Airsoft bb is slower, but it is less affected by air resistance and the accuracy will be higher. The modern process of producing plastic Airsoft bb is filled with weight-increasing stone powder, making the weight of the Airsoft bb bullet into a variety of freely selectable BBs. The user can select Airsoft bb according to the needs of his own gun, and the plastic Airsoft bb will break after hitting the target. Cracking does not cause harm to people. Therefore, the plastic Airsoft bb shell gradually replaces the metal BB. The disadvantage of the ordinary plastic Airsoft bb is that it is not easily decomposed. The residual Airsoft bb after field shooting will cause soil pollution, and now there is a kind of biodegradable plastic. The manufactured Airsoft bb completely solves the problem of environmental pollution. The material of this Airsoft bb is processed by PLA. Degradation of Airsoft bb in the soil takes more than three months and can be completely decomposed by bacteria in the soil to generate carbon dioxide and water. There is no pollution to the environment, so now the general foreign Airsoft bb market is being replaced by a degradable Airsoft bb.

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