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The difference between plastic and metal soluble fracturing ball

Soluble fracturing balls are divided into two types: plastic material and metal material. The main material of the plastic material is PLA material. The advantage is that it has good sealing performance, but it dissolves slowly in fracturing and is limited by size. Generally, the size cannot exceed 15mm , The larger the size, the more difficult the production.

The shrinkage rate of PLA material is too high, it is easy to shrink when the fracturing ball is injected, and small holes are formed on the surface of the ball, resulting in poor quality of the plastic fracturing ball. The highest defect rate is above 90%, so the price of PLA soluble fracturing ball is biased. The main reason for the high defect rate is the high defect rate. There is no better way to solve the shrinkage problem of PLA soluble fracturing balls.

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