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Manufacturing technology of large soluble plastic fracturing ball

Ultra-large soluble plastic fracturing ball refers to a plastic fracturing ball with a diameter between 40mm-125mm. Generally, soluble plastic fracturing ball smaller than 20mm is produced by injection molding process, and super-large plastic fracturing ball is generally processed by bar machine tools. Method to manufacture.

Plastic plastic fracturing balls do not need to be dissolved in the fracturing fluid, so it is relatively easy to manufacture, because there are many kinds of plastic rods on the market, which basically cover all kinds of plastic materials, and the manufacture of insoluble plastic fracturing balls can be based on Physical properties are needed to choose the bar, but the main material of the soluble fracturing ball is PLA. This material has no ready-made bars on the market, so the PLA super soluble fracturing ball has always been a difficult point in the manufacturing industry. The PLA super soluble fracturing ball needs to be manufactured out of PLA rods first, and the manufacturing of PLA rods requires a professional extruder to manufacture. Due to the high shrinkage rate of PLA materials, it is easy to produce pores in the middle of the manufactured rods and the surface is also It will shrink and cause the surface of the bar to collapse. After years of research and development and practice, Dongguan Jiaji Plastic Products Co., Ltd. finally developed a bar that can be processed into various specifications of PLA soluble fracturing ball. The bar currently produced The processed PLA soluble fracturing ball has been recognized by many customers, and new customers are also welcome to negotiate and purchase.

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