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Dissolution rate of soluble plastic fracturing ball

The dissolution rate of plastic soluble fracturing ball in different fracturing fluids is different. The temperature of fracturing fluid also has a great influence on the dissolution rate of soluble fracturing ball. The higher the temperature, the dissolution of soluble fracturing ball. The faster the speed.

The normal downhole temperature is between 100 degrees and 150 degrees. The fracturing ball and fracturing fluid enter the well at the same time. The temperature of the fracturing fluid is not high. The initial temperature is below 50 degrees. After several hours of pressure The temperature of the fracturing operation is below 90 degrees. At this time, the plastic soluble fracturing ball will not dissolve. The dissolution temperature of the plastic fracturing ball is above 100 degrees, and it takes dozens of hours, so the plastic is soluble Compared with metal soluble fracturing balls, the dissolution time of fracturing balls is shorter, but the specifications of plastic soluble fracturing balls can only be less than 20mm in diameter. It is difficult to realize plastic fracturing balls over 20mm in process, so plastic The soluble fracturing ball and the metal soluble fracturing ball have strong complementarity in specifications.

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