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Teflon plastic ball polishing process - POM plastic ball differen

Due to its high hardness, Teflon plastic ball is very different from ordinary plastic ball in polishing process. Because Teflon plastic ball is processed by machine tool, circles of knife marks will be formed on the surface. Teflon material has high hardness and smooth surface, Therefore, polishing Teflon plastic balls with ordinary plastic ball polishing technology is not only inefficient, but also has poor polishing effect.

The polishing of Teflon plastic ball is actually completed in two parts. First, the Teflon plastic ball processed by the machine tool shall be roughly polished, that is, the rough abrasive shall be used for grinding. First, the knife marks on the surface of the Teflon plastic ball shall be removed, and then the next step of polishing shall be carried out. In the second step, the zirconium ball with high hardness shall be selected for polishing, and the proportion of zirconium ball is large, Gravity extrusion will be formed during polishing. After mutual friction, the surface of Teflon plastic ball will be very smooth. Only by polishing Teflon plastic ball in this way can we process qualified high gloss Teflon plastic ball.

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